Greedy Motherf**kers Want to Destroy Bed-Stuy Farm

08/03/2009 12:56 PM |

2340/1249314137-tractor-image.jpg Ugh. This is the kind of terrible news that makes you want to give up on humanity. Bed-Stuy’s Brooklyn Rescue Mission, after realizing so much of the food they were distributing wasn’t always super-healthy, decided to convert a nearby vacant lot into a farm; this is no easy task. After countless hours/days/weeks of backbreaking labor, Bed-Stuy Farm now produces over 7,000 pounds of food a month, helping to feed thousands. And now comes the bad part: it seems there’s a strong chance the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development is thinking of selling the “vacant lot” to developers as part of some larger deal in place to work out a debt. That would be crazy: to destroy the kind of value the Bed Stuy Farm has brought to the neighborhood is pretty much criminal — but instead of just getting frustrated and angry, you can head here and sign a petition (they do help, you know).