Green Hero of the Week: Utah and The Four-Day Work Week

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08/13/2009 3:11 PM |


Last year, Utah decided they would try an experiment to reduce energy costs: give state employees Fridays off. (Granted, Monday to Thursday are now ten-hour days, because if there’s one thing Americans could stand to do it’s stay later at the office.) The results are in: they’ve saved $1.8 million in energy costs, and cut down energy use by 13%.

Of course, people are still using power at home — but less than they would at the office, because lights are always on during the day at work, but not necessarily at home. And, of course, they’re not driving to and from work, or anywhere else necessarily. They’re also volunteering more, working out more (thus reducing healthcare costs!), enjoying life and each other more…

All I’m saying is that if my bosses at the L care about saving money, and the environment, as much as I think they do, then the L will be shifting over to a three-day, twelve-hour workweek before Labor Day. (Also, NB to my coworkers who may be reading this and thinking of leaving a witty comment: No, the editorial staff doesn’t already have a four-day week “if you don’t count the time you spend in the bar”, we’re talking about the magazine when we’re at the bar. Mostly. Also, since Pedro’s lost their outdoor seating we’ve been around a lot more, so that’s not even a very accurate joke.)