Green Villain of the Week: Eyes for Frosty, a Coloring Book About the Wonders of Coal

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08/21/2009 12:07 PM |


From the fine folks at Families Organized to Represent the Coal Economy comes this coloring book, an attempt to block industry-unfriendly climate registration by brainwashing children. Children being, surely, gaga for Etch-a-Sketch-looking illustrations of enormous lumps of coal — with lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes — who explain the mining process. (The title refers to the famed snowman, who will have no eyes made out of lumps of coal, if tree-huggers have their way and prevent children from playing with compressed sedimentary rock that leaves a carcinogenic black residue on everything.)

News of this book comes to us from Grist, who have many more pages where the pictured one came from. The “things coal helps power” page is a personal fave.