Help Bloomberg Name New York’s New Bike-Share System

08/21/2009 9:51 AM |

Bixi bike share program in Montreal

Paris, D.C. and Montreal already have them, Boston, Ottawa and London are working on getting them, so what is New York City waiting for to get in on the bike-sharing? Not much, apparently, as Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday during a conversation with bike activists. The New York Post reports that the mayor thinks implementing such a program — whereby bikes can be picked up at a station, ridden to and dropped off at another — would be “ideal” for the city, which pretty much jives with the city’s current pro-bike streak.

Of course, saying something is a good fit and actually making it fit are two very different things, and this by no means suggests that New York will actually get a bike-share program. Still, assuming the Bloomberg monarchy lives to implement this vague campaign promise, what should the bike-share program be called? The system in Montreal, Boston and London is called Bixi (pictured), Paris has Vélib’ and other cities have things called CityByke, B-cycle, Smoove, Vélomagg’ and Vélopop’. Besides, if we give it a cute name, how could Bloomberg possibly cancel it? I propose Nyxi. Anyone got something better?

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  • This smacks of shallow campaignery; if Bloomberg really wanted to promote a bicycle culture, he might do something simple, like, say, encourage the DOT to give a damn about the people who double park in bike lanes, rendering them effectively useless all across the city. (Next he can move on to psychopaths who fling open driver’s side doors without looking.)

  • how about Bloombikes? it will appeal to his ego.