Hundreds of Pancakes Every Hour for the Low, Low Price of $3,500

08/10/2009 4:39 PM |


The L‘s astute and obsessive food technology watchdog Lauren Savit just breathlessly pointed me to the latest innovation in automated pancake technology: the ChefStack (pictured). Something between one of those Play-Doh cooking sets and a mini donut-maker, the ChefStack has only just reached American shores after taking New Zealand and Australia by storm.

A press release states that the machine aims to tap into the bubbling comfort food trend, which “has experienced a resurgence over the last twelve months as a result of the economic downturn.” The first shipments within America began earlier this summer, and you can get your own for the low, low price of $3,500. We’re already lobbying for a ChefStack in the L Mag office. In the meantime we’ll be following its States-side spread on Twitter, and looking for the first ChefStack-equipped food carts to appear on city streets.

(via All Things Delicious)

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