I Wonder How Long it Will Take Art Critics to Complain that Ryan Adams is Too Prolific

08/19/2009 2:09 PM |


First there were some records, then there were some more records, then more records still, and then a book of poetry. Now? Now there are paintings. That’s right, one-time alt-country wunderkind and current celebrity husband Ryan Adams has an exhibition of original paintings and collage work opening at the Morrison Hotel on September 23rd. He’s also the gallery’s first ever artist in residence, and on opening night there will be an auction for works completed in the space. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to Housingworks, which is nice. There will be plenty of jokes made about this, but not by me. There are many things far more deserving of my ridicule than a guy who just loves to make things.

One Comment

  • Ugh… Ryan Adams is too prolific. What is that, a city street at night made with glow-in-the-dark paint? Get out of the art studio and back in the recording studio!