It Turns Out Democrats Don’t Actually Need Health Care Reform to Find Their Own Balls

08/05/2009 4:40 PM |

Shit, it’s about time. From the Teabaggers (heh) to the Birthers (ew) and now to the… what do we call them… the “Keep Your Dirty Government Paws Off My Medicare” brigade, the visible anger of the conservative minority has been a depressing object lesson in the manipulation of latent xenophobia and class anxiety by an opportunistic political class; the Republicans are real good at what they do. Well, finally, the Democrats are going to try to push back.

Talking Points Memo got a hold of a memo from Health Care for America Now advising health care reform activists on how to react to the anti-reform/pro-insurance industry seat-fillers who’ve been ruining town hall meetings across this great nation. I really hope it works, because if it doesn’t, I sure as hell am going back to Canada (the bosom of socialism is really soft and welcoming).