Kanye Sees Show About Kanye, Laughs at Criticisms of Kanye

08/06/2009 1:09 PM |

Kanye West

Last weekend, according to The Art Newspaper, Kanye West attended Brendan Kennedy and Neal Medlyn’s collective performance piece based on Kanye’s latest album 808s and Heartbreak at Performance Space 122 in the East Village, Why Won’t You Let Me Be Great!!!. Aside from the fact that he was attending an evening-length performance all about him, Kanye managed to keep his ego in check throughout the show. Doing so, as you’ll discover in the excerpt below, must have been very difficult at times. According to Art Newspaper

performance artist Ann Liv Young came on stage, completely naked, and berated the rapper for his most recent album “808s & Heartbreak”. And to add to the bizarre diatribe, while she was complaining that the CD was not his best work, Young rubbed barbecued pork onto her genitals, before eating it.

It’s not humble pie, but I guess it’ll do. Click here to read more about Kanye watching Kanye.

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