Knitting Factory Set to Open in Williamsburg

08/12/2009 12:32 PM |


After months of delays and endless speculation, the new Knitting Factory space in Williamsburg is finally set to open its doors. Things will get off to a rowdy start, with an opening night performance by Les Savy Fav on September 9th, followed by Boss Hog and Shilpa Ray on the 10th, Juliana Barwick on the 15th and Dub Trio on the 26th. The rest of the initial schedule is available here, and its got that recognizable mixture of well-known and no-name/niche acts that all the big Manhattan venues booked before everyone just moved to Brooklyn and found venues like Music Hall and the Bell House, whose bookings are geared toward a particular type (indie-rock-loving 20-somethings). It’s hard to fault the Knit for continuing their tradition of diverse programming, but part of me worries it could lead them to the same fate as the Luna Lunge before them. Here’s hoping I’m wrong, though.

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