LL Cool J Hasn’t Sounded This Good in Years, Possibly Decades

08/11/2009 11:32 AM |


After Mase, the latest rapper to take Michael Jackson‘s death and turn it into an excuse to make music and money, LL Cool J (pictured, looking creepily MJ-like) recently released a remix of “Billie Jean” that is actually kind of awesome. (Also worth watching: Mos Def’s recent tribute performance of “Billie Jean.”)

James Todd Smith’s not just paying tribute though; this is also a way for LL to tell us about his social networking site (hilariously named Boomdizzle), where a tribute contest lets users submit their videos for the LL track, and their own Michael Jackson tribute songs. So before you go shoot a video for it, here’s LL Cool J’s “Billie Jean Dream”: