Molly Ringwald and the French New Wave

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08/13/2009 1:00 PM |


Earlier this week, Molly Ringwald wrote a very sweet, very sad tribute to her former mentor John Hughes for the Times. An eloquent piece, and for those of us who are just tickled when famous people seem to have extra-mainstream tastes that mirror ours, this is definitely its highlight:

About 15 years ago, I wrote John from Paris, where I was living, to tell him how important he was to me. I had been on a François Truffaut kick and had just watched the series of “Antoine Doinel” films that he had made with the actor Jean-Pierre Léaud. There was something in the connection of actor and director that I recognized in us, particularly in the first film of the series, 400 Blows… John was my Truffaut.

This inspires New Yorker film editor and Godard biographer Richard Brody to recall the time he interviewed Ringwald about her experiences playing Cordelia in Godard’s King Lear:

She talked about Godard’s way of lighting, his sense of humor, his minimalist approach to makeup… She also said that her work with Godard was very important to her personally; she told me that she had planned to make a documentary film about Godard, in which she would interview him.

Think I speak for all of us when I say: Oh please god let JLG: un film de Molly Ringwald come to be.

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  • recently saw Godard’s King Lear at BAM, and, as a Godard and new-wave fan, it was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Woody Allen coming in at the end for a brief moment is only a slight relief from hours of nonsenical garbage. burgess meredith…pretty great though, as usual

  • yes. also looking forward to Scarlett Johansson’s “This time, his name was Ingmar Bergman”.