Mona Lisa Attacked by Cup-Throwing Russian

08/11/2009 3:34 PM |


Terror and panic gripped the crowd at the Louvre museum in Paris on August 2 for the first time since that ritualistic killing in 2006 that Tom Hanks was brought in to investigate. A woman cryptically referred to as “the Russian” hurled a ceramic beverage holder (some say it was a teacup, others claim it was a mug) that she had purchased at a museum gift shop at the insanely valuable Leonardo Da Vinci painting.

For some years now the Mona Lisa has been kept behind bullet-proof glass (it is, after all, the president of paintings), so the ceramic object simply bounced off the glass and shattered on the gallery floor. Museum security apprehended the woman and handed her over to Parisian police. The Telegraph seizes upon this occasion to recount memorable attacks on the Mona Lisa and other artworks at the Louvre museum, including the little known fact that the painting was stolen and recovered in 1911.