New Birdbath Bakery Taking Over Vesuvio Soho Space

08/25/2009 8:23 AM |

Vesuvio Bakery in Soho

Vesuvio Bakery, the cute Soho institution at 160 Prince Street that closed shop about a year ago after 90 years in business, has just been granted a second, greener life (an impressive feat given its storied green façade). Birdbath, the eco-bakery project of City Bakery that received an L Mag Green Award this year, will be opening its third location in the Vesuvio space in October, and in an interview with New York Birdbath head honcho Maury Rubin seemed awfully honored to be moving into the city’s most famous green bakery:

“It’s an heirloom, it’s a treasure, it means the world,” he says. “That I have a chance to have my bakery be in it is a gift.”

Score one for retrofitted New York nostalgia. Click here to read the whole piece about Birdbath’s Vesuvio takeover.

One Comment

  • i used to eat a loaf of bread from vesuvio every day, back when i lived around the corner, many years ago. i was broke (living in a one-bedroom with three other young women), and a loaf was $1.25 or $1.50- add a 40 from the bodega across the street and i had dinner.

    as much as i’d like to see vesuvio maintained as it was forever (loaves and all), birdbath bakes a mean ‘health’ croissant, offers discounts to those who arrive on bikes, and sells recycled-plastic toothbrushes. if vesuvio has to be ‘upgraded’ better this than turning it into a speakeasy or a dessert bar. or a marc jacobs sock store.