New Video: Asher Roth’s “She Don’t Wanna Man” with Keri Hilson

08/24/2009 1:09 PM |

I’ve been putting off forming an opinion of Asher Roth (who a friend insightfully refers to as “Eminem Light”), but with this awful new video for this awful song from what I presume must be an awful debut album (Asleep in the Bread Aisle, which came out in April), I can’t help but get the feeling that the Morrisville, Pennsylvania MC is as bad (lyrically, politically, culturally) as everyone whose opinion I respect has been saying he is. The new video for “She Don’t Wanna Man” is like an unfunny 3-minute version of The Hangover that manages to be extra-offensive for completely squandering the talents of Keri Hilson, whose capable vocal chords have provided some of the best rap song choruses of the last couple years. Congrats to Asher Roth for making white rappers embarrassing again.