Paula Abdul Leaves American Idol, Producers Ask Kara to Appear “More Mentally Challenged”

08/05/2009 11:07 AM |

58c1/1249482696-paulaabdul_crying.jpgUgh. I’d read the rumors just like everyone else, and I’d determined that there was no way Paula wouldn’t be back—that she was simply pulling false alarms as a bargaining tool, a way to get the press talking and ultimately to get American Idol producers to answer public outcry with a hugely lucrative offer. But alas, that didn’t work. Paula Abdul announced last night, via Twitter, that she wouldn’t be returning to the show. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she turned down a 30% raise that would have earned her more than $10 million. For sitting in a chair spouting gibberish and clapping like a seal. Here’s her full statement:

“With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to IDOL. I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day 1 become an international phenomenon. What I want to say most, is how much I appreciate the undying support and enormous love that you have showered upon me. It truly has been breathtaking, especially over the past month. I do without any doubt have the BEST fans in the entire world and I love you all.”

Fox has confirmed the news, too.

“Paula Abdul has been an important part of the American Idol family over the last eight seasons and we are saddened that she has decided not to return to the show. While Paula will not be continuing with us, she’s a tremendous talent and we wish her the best.”

God, can you imagine what kind of crazy, fucked up path one takes in order to reach a point in life where they find themselves referring to Paul Abdul, in 2009, as a tremendous talent?