Producer Picks 10 Promising FringeNYC Shows

08/04/2009 9:34 AM |

eb2c/1249392649-hownowdowjones.jpgThe New York International Fringe Festival, the largest of its kind in North America, kicks off in just 10 days, and already the slate of 200-something shows is pretty intimidating. Who better to tell you what shows are worthwhile — until The L does, of course, which we will shortly — than a Broadway and Off-Broadway producer whose job is to pick plays? Over at his blog Producer’s Perspective, Ken Davenport has used his astute catalog-parsing skills to pick out what he thinks will be some of the best plays at FringeNYC.

His recommendation of something called Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party is intriguing, and Penumbra, a one-man hip hop show, sounds promising, but his surest pick sounds like a revival of the 1968 play How Now Dow Jones, which sounds like a musical mix of recessionomics and Mad Men-type office politics and romance. Click here to read Davenport’s 10 Fringe picks, or click here to make your own.