R.I.P. Les Paul

08/13/2009 12:30 PM |


News is slowly spreading that legendary guitarist, and the namesake of one of the most iconic instruments in all of rock and roll, Les Paul died this morning at a hospital in White Plans, NY, where he was being treated for pneumonia. He was 94.

I’m not exactly sure when he stopped, but up until very recently, Les Paul performed every Monday night at the Iridium jazz club right here in the city. Here’s hoping you made it out to see him at least once.

One Comment

  • I saw him at the Iridium, and he fell asleep performing. True. It was one of his last performances. It was only for about 5 seconds, and I wouldn’t have noticed, except he apologized, and laughed. He was amazing. He also sang in this performance, which I was told was very rare. He played right up until the very end.