Slate’s Film Critic Loves Julie & Julia, Which She Also Produced

08/07/2009 3:33 PM |

No, it’s just a same-name coincidence (we think), but Slate’s film critic Dana Stevens really liked the new Nora Ephron movie about Julia Child and her modern day devotee Julie Powell, Julie & Julia, which was executive produced by one Dana Stevens (no relation). Though Henry Stewart and I were a little dismayed when Henry made this bizarre discovery, we’re pretty sure the two Dana Stevenses aren’t the same person. Right?


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  • or are they? (they really aren’t are they)

    you know, i am in fact the same person as BBC correspondent Jonny Diamond.

    figure that one out.

  • I’m one of the Danas, the critic one, and yes, we are two different people (we’ve actually corresponded about the name overlap, though we’ve never met.) Now I wish that I’d used my initials or something when I started writing on film, because the potential for confusion is understandable given that Dana the producer works in such a related field.

    I just hope that snapshot from a radio taping isn’t typical of my unguarded facial expression. I look like I just sucked on a lemon.

  • I’m the other Dana. Actually more of a writer (“City of Angels” and “For Love of the Game”, creator of TV show “What About Brian”) than a producer, and the critic Dana is killing me with my colleagues. I got into an eleator with the head of Dreamworks, who turned to me slowly, with a polite-ish glare and said “….are you writing movie reviews?” Thanks for clearing up the ID problem. Though it is kind of nice when my friends compliment me on my review of Avatar.

  • Huh? My head hurts like it has been rug burned with lemons now… Seriously though, like both your work.