Sound Smart, Read These: In Which Sounding Smart Mostly Means Sounding Insanely Frustrated

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08/14/2009 3:31 PM |


Healthcare. Man. Here’s a front-page story from today’s Times, where they are getting increasingly frustrated (see also: yesterday) with America, and becoming more and more open to just straight-up calling everyone idiots, which is objectively true, after all.

This article, by the lawyer Scott Horton, a Harper’s contributor who’s been owning the torture beat for several years, features the most depressing headline of the week.

Meet Dr. Warren Hern, the last doctor in America who performs late-term abortions.

I love long considerations of dead authors that are published without any kind of contemporaneous hook whatsoever. Here’s a few thousand words on Isak Dinesen, because a few thousand words on Isak Dinesen is its own justification whether there’s a new bio out or not.

New fiction: The Atlantic presents “The Laugh”, by Téa Obreht, recently singled out in our Best of New York Issue for “The Tiger’s Wife“, her auspicious debut in the New Yorker‘s Summer Fiction Issue.

Old clip: Bill Moyers talks to Joseph Heller in the late 80s; the two of them attempt, at times and with varying enthusiasm, to pretend that people are interested in Heller for reasons other than Catch-22.