Sound Smart, Read These: The Man Who Made New York City Safe for Gentrifiers Like You

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08/07/2009 3:58 PM |

William Bratton, Time

William Bratton stepped down after seven remarkably effective, reforming years as Los Angeles’s chief of police; during his time there, he did for the city what he did for New York as Police Commissioner from 1994-96 (before leaving because Giuliani wanted all the credit). A round-up of analysis.

What will Ahmadinejad’s second term look like? Guess.

Documentarian and Interrotron inventor Errol Morris, always interested in the ontology of the image, talks to magician Ricky Jay about the art of deception.

Is the book trailer for Inherent Vice another Thomas Pynchon sighting?

New fiction: “Fly-Over State“, by recent L Mag fiction contributor Emma Straub, at Flatmancrooked, a new publishing venture which gives readers the chance to “launch” writers by pre-buying their book.

Old clip: William S. Burroughs reads “A Thanksgiving Prayer”.