Spider-Man Musical Stuck in Financing Web

08/10/2009 1:55 PM |


Broadway’s next cross-over movie super-production, the Julie Taymor (Frida, The Lion King musical) directed, Bono and The Edge-scored musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark starring Evan Rachel Wood (Mary Jane Watson) and Alan Cumming (The Green Goblin), has hit some major financing snags of late. Given its absurd price tag (between $45-55 million, with weekly costs estimated at $700,000), it’s a risky proposition for anyone. The Post reported last week that lead producer David Garfinkle was out, and that work on the show has come to a halt.

Taymor, apparently, wants to do full-cast rehearsals with all the bells and whistles operational, and with the show still slated to start previews on February 25, things must be getting pretty tense over at the Hilton Theater. While reports continue to come in of the financing difficulties, nobody has revealed anything about the story — from a book written by Taymor and Glen Berger — but judging from the title “Turn Off the Dark” it must be an environmental apocalypse story about Spidey replacing all the of New York’s light bulbs with CFLs before the global warming destroys the city.