Spider-Man (the Musical) is Dead (Basically)

08/12/2009 12:03 PM |


As reported a couple days ago, the forthcoming Spider-Man Broadway musical has been having some major financing problems related to the majorly expensive cost of creating and sustaining the Julie Taymor production (with music by U2’s 2 better-known members). Today’s update in the Post pretty much sounds like the end for Spidey’s dreams of stage stardom. The actors have been released from their contracts, people who’ve reserved tickets early are getting refunds, and no replacement has been found for producer David Garfinkle, the Chicago lawyer who was expected to drum up whatever cash Marvel and Sony needed.

Of course this begs the question: what comic book would make the best Broadway musical? Spider-Man always seemed like something of an odd choice, but what about X-Men or The Fantastic Four? Any ideas? (Bonus points for picking a famous band to write the score.)

(via Vulture)

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  • As tempting as it would be to call on Hugh Jackman to pool all of his talents for a Wolverine musical, I have to say the Fantastic Four isn’t a bad idea among the famous Marvel heroes. They’re already a bit campy and they wouldn’t be competing with a film that anyone loves or even likes very much. Maybe a rock musical out of the current title Young Liars?

    I’ve long thought Ben Folds should write a Broadway musical because a lot of his best recent stuff leans in that direction. But probably not so much for a comics-based musical. If someone could write lyrics for the Killers, they’ve got the pomp and cheese to pull it off. Though I guess Stuart Murdoch’s been dabbling, too.

  • Super Friends (Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) I would basically ditch the plot and do song and dance numbers. Dan Deacon, MGMT and Crystal Castles would do the score. That’s three bands but I think they could co-write something or do the round robin thing. This show is happening in my head right now, really good stuff- “hit the strobe lights! silenzio! action!”