Sub Pop Has Better Taste in Records Than in Sneakers

08/27/2009 11:18 AM |

It’s strange when cool people do decidedly uncool things. Like, doesn’t it stand to reason that anyone who’s cool enough to know and love a legendary indie label would also be cool enough to know that wearing a pair of sneakers emblazoned with a record label’s logo is sort of lame? I would tend to think so. But this hasn’t stopped Sub Pop from teaming up with Nike to design—sorry, guys—the most hideous footwear this side of Crocs.





Ok, I will admit it: the soles are pretty dope. But still, I’m holding out for the Matador-branded Frye Owen Crepe Moc Toe boot. (Seriously, can someone buy me those? 11.5 please?) [Hypebeast via Daily Swarm]