That Couple From the Woodstock Photo Seem Nice, Don’t They?

08/13/2009 1:28 PM |

Perhaps I am a jerk, but I was really hoping the couple featured in this segment from this morning’s Today Show would have grown up to be total douchbag yuppie morons looking to cash in on their past. Turns out they seem like really nice, reasonable people who are just happy to have had an important time in their lives caught on film and shared with the entire world.

Am I the only one who got teary-eyed when they pan to the photo above their kitchen table? I’m not, right?

In other news, Al Roker is seriously the fucking best. That laugh! The shroom reference! The feigned paranoia! I wish someone would take a picture of me with my head resting on Al Roker’s chest. I would totally frame that shit above my kitchen table.