The Best 17 Seconds of Music Released in 2009

08/06/2009 4:30 PM |


Not a whole hell of a lot going on in the music world today, which is why I’ve spent the last four or so hours listening to the same 17 seconds of music over and over again. I’ve always been fond of “There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve,” the first song on A.C. Newman’s last solo record, Get Guilty, but today I’m hearing it a bit differently, and I’ve decided it contains the saddest verse in any song ever.

There are maybe ten or twelve
Things I could teach you.
After that, well, I think you’re on your own.
And that wasn’t the opening line,
It was the tenth or the twelfth.
Make of that what you will.

Here, watch. It starts at :30…

Now I think I’m gonna listen to “Visions of Johanna” for a bunch of hours, but probably just the “We sit here stranded, but we’re all doing our best to deny it” line, which has also always struck me as incredibly sad, as opposed to the “He’s sure got a lot of gall to be so useless and all” part, which is just awesome and mean.

Um, seriously, is there anything anyone would like me to blog about?

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