The best bar in New York: Lucky Dog

08/17/2009 2:16 PM |


My new favorite bar is called Lucky Dog and it’s on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg (between South 2nd and South 1st — about 90 seconds from my apartment.) If I was independently wealthy this bar would allow me to finally make that jump from functional alcoholic to charmingly dysfunctional alcoholic (hi Mom!).

Anyway, there I was dragging my sorry ass through Saturday’s deathly heat, beloved wife at my side, when we saw the following written in chalk just outside the bar: “Dogs welcome.” As People of the Dog, we’re always on the lookout for canine-friendly places (you know, “No dogs, No Irish…”), so my suggestion of “a quick beer” was met with enthusiastic approval (it also didn’t hurt that we could hear a Mountain Goats song wafting out into the street).

As we sat down at the classic, unfussy wooden bar a Waylon Jennings song came on (two for two!). I went down to check out the 20 beers on tap and was happy to see nothing but small American and good German, all for $5 a pint. They also do pitchers, which is amazing, and buckets of PBR, along with absolute vats of Genny Cream Ale for little-to-no money, so if you just wanna get shitfucked on cheap cold beer, that’s available to you. But for me, having the choice of 20 thoughtfully curated drafts without any of the pretension of the “Brooklyn beer bar” (I’m looking at you Spuyten Duyvil) is fantastic.

So we ordered (me, a Lagunitas Pilsner, she, a Kolsch) and a Fall song came on (seriously, the house playlist is brilliant, as is the jukebox), and we began to take a look around: Oh hey, what’s that in the corner? A stand-up shuffleboard table! And look, at the back… A huge garden lit with gorgeous lanterns, where you can smoke if you want to… SERIOUSLY, THIS BAR IS PERFECT.

It’s so perfect that we stayed for three hours longer than we’d intended to — but every time we tried to leave, either one of our favorite songs came on or the bartender got us a buyback round, so what are you supposed to do when that happens!? RIGHT!?


P.S. They also have a cheese/meat plate, but we made do with Fritos and Utz.

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  • Allagash White AND Franziskaner, that is awesome. My goal will be to drink every single beer on that list in the shortest possible time.

  • If I lived this close to the best bar in New York, I would probably not go telling the entire internet about it.

    This is, arguably, quite altruistic of you.

  • thanks for this. as you may know, Iona no longer allows dogs or good music.

  • sadly, iona never allowed good music- the people are great, the music hard to take…

    note to lucky dog owners: jukebox rules, not so much the music the thrasher-loving bartender plays…tough flipping back and forth between ryan adams/george jones and erm, that kinda stuff. though it may make you a fortune when people try to keep the jukebox going to beat back the house selections. and she’s a really good bartender: i’m not trying to cast aspersions on her bartending abilities…

  • three hours longer than intended = … the month of August?

  • The Diet Coke @ Lucky Dog was excellent and may have actually been a Diet Pepsi but ether way it left me satisfied.

    The vibe at Lucky Dog is off the hook and the bartender was stacked. They have an outdoor patio, two His & Her cans and a shuffle board table for all you people that feel the need to be competitive and drunk at the same time.

    The bar is frequented by some real hip characters and is a great destination for all you bearded bachelors out there looking for a place to bring your lady, a lady or meet a bitch….. They often mistake me for a hipster when I am hanging out at Lucky Dog and I am not a hipster.

    I just play one sometimes when I am trying to get laid.