The Boston Red Sox Fight Like Children

08/12/2009 10:33 AM |

In last night’s Red Sox-Tigers game, Kevin Youkilis was hit in the back with a first-pitch fastball by pitcher Rick Porcello, and after just a brief hesitation, he charged the mound. No punches were thrown, exactly, and Youkilis got the worst of it, I guess, if there was even a worst of it to be had. I do give him credit for trying, though, at a time when the most anyone’s willing to do is take three steps toward the mound, glare angrily, and wait for the catcher or umpire to hold them back.

Youkilis gets points off for throwing his helmet instead of a punch, obviously. It was reminiscent of the 1988 incident where Pedro Guerrero threw his bat at David Cone after being hit with, of all things, a fucking curveball. How is there no video of that?

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  • I CAN’T BELIEVE HE THREW HIS HELMET. if a hockey player did that he’d be dead inside a week (killed by his own teammates). of course, i relish any opportunity to begin a sentence with “if a hockey player did that,” because i am a jingoistic Canadian nationalist without much going for me.

  • If I had to look at youkalis’ ridiculous, pornographic batting stance, I’d throw at him too.

  • haha i like the canadian guy! he is funny but wow that was just major hissy fit! it was very childish and not a safe or mature way to handle a situation of angerness if i will