The Met Museum Hates Real Naked Bodies, Only Into Marble and Oil

08/27/2009 11:59 AM |

Zach Hymans Decent Exposures series

Zach Hyman — who got into the news last week for photographing a nude model on the L train, the latest in his series Decent Exposures (pictured), on view at Chair and the Maiden Gallery through Sunday — attracted some less pleasant attention for a shoot at the Metropolitan Museum yesterday, which resulted in his model Kathleen “K.C.” Neill being arrested and charged with lewdness. Did we mention that Hyman and Neill were shooting a porno in the famous Fifth Avenue museum? No? Oh, that must be because they weren’t, they were shooting art, which is what the Met was built for!

I guess this could be backlash for the demonstrations in Central Park last weekend for National Go-Topless Day, but more likely it’s just a stuffy Uptown cultural institutions being stuffy and Uptown about nudity that isn’t frozen in marble or oil. Try that shit at the New Museum or across the street from the Met at the National Academy, which is currently showing an exhibition all about bodies and nudes, Hyman, and you’d totally get an exhibition out of it.