The New York Times on the Newest Trend: “Trains”

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08/10/2009 4:02 PM |


Guys, huge scoop in the business section of tomorrow’s Times. Jane L. Levere reports:

Getting to the airport on the outskirts of town used to be a fairly simple proposition — catch a taxi, even if it meant sitting in traffic on the way.

But, get this, the article tells you: there are also trains that will take you to the airport. Who knew!

Look, I know different people live in vastly different worlds, that what is normal for you or I is not necessarily normal for someone who reads about travel in the business section of the Times, and that we should applaud, not mock, people who are adapting their lifestyle to new economic and environmental conditions, and the newspaper with the space and resources to report on these new trends in behavior and infrastructure.

But doesn’t this strike you as the reductio ad absurdum of the archetypal behind-the-curve Times trend piece? Reporting — as news, in a newspaper — the fact that you can take the A (to Far Rockaway, not Lefferts Boulevard) to the JFK AirTrain?

My god. Just wait until all these business travelers jump on the public transportation-to-the-airport bandwagon, only to discover that there’s not a train that goes to LaGuardia. That there is some beer ass chicken, and not in the good way.