Tony Rosenthal is Dead

08/03/2009 12:04 PM |

b0d7/1249312922-5in1.jpgBernard “Tony” Rosenthal, the American abstract sculptor whose public artworks are peppered throughout Manhattan, died Tuesday in Southampton at the age of 94. You probably know him best for his spinning cube Alamo (1967) in Astor Place, but you could take this cool bike route to hit all 5 of his public outdoor installations in Manhattan.

Start with 5 in 1 (pictured) at the Manhattan end of the Brooklyn Bridge, head up to Astor Place for a spin of the Alamo, then it’s over to FIT, where his Hammarskjold (1977) occupies a public plaza on 27th Street between Seventh and Eighth Ave, then trek uptown to 127 East 58th Street near Park Avenue, where you’ll find his 1969 piece Rondo, and further to 401 East 80th Street to end up at Steel Park (1980).

There’s no word yet on a retrospective, but his work is in the permanent collections at MoMA and the Whitney, and he attended the Art Institute of Chicago (he was born in Highland Park, Illinois), so those would be obvious possibilities. Until then, the Times obit is a little dry, but worth a read.