Vibe Magazine Not Dead, Just Taking Summer and Fall Off to “Find Itself”

08/13/2009 5:22 PM |


The second-biggest music magazine in the business, Vibe, announced a little over a month ago that it had failed to find a buyer and would close shop immediately. Shortly thereafter the rap, R&B, music and lifestyle glossy was rumored to be getting rescued by its founder, Quincy Jones. Then there was no more news of Vibe, and we all quietly assumed that things hadn’t worked out.

Not so, claims the Times ArtsBeat Blog today, with the news that Vibe has been purchased by a group of companies led by two organizations with Bond movie villain-caliber cryptic names: InterMedia Partners and Uptown Media Group. They will be relaunching shortly, and the magazine will return to shelves as a quarterly by year’s end. No word yet on Quincy Jones’ involvement in the deal, but keep checking back for details as they emerge.