Who’s Trying to Kill You This Week: The “Grass Roots”

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08/05/2009 12:36 PM |

5af2/1249487086-grass_roots_lets.jpgIn this weekly feature, we follow — with increasing consternation — the national healthcare debate.

We’re not quite into the August Congressional recess yet, but, as predicted, the GOP and health care industry are already using their network of late 60s Los Angeles-based psychedlic-garage-pop bands to overwhelm pro-healthcare reform representatives with faux-populist protests.

The Times reported earlier this week on representatives being confronted by constituents holding signs, chanting slogans and waving torches and pitchforks at what were supposed to be low-key town hall-type events; Think Progress followed the money from these supposedly grass roots organizations, back up to their lobbyist backers.

It’s all very similar to the Tea Parties — remember when we laughed at the Bitterz holding anti-tax demonstrations against the administration’s plans to, um, not raise their taxes? And how they were all, ironically, backed by rich lobbyists with GOP ties? Well, that was all mostly a strategy to mobilize awful angry people, and now the infrastructure is in place and doing actual damage! Who is laughing at the Bitterz now? (Well, I am, every time I need a boost and check in at Free Republic. But that’s neither here nor there.)

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  • Good work. Going back to something you wrote last week, I have no idea where that govt budget office is getting numbers that more companies are gonna cover workers after this passes. Why would they do that when the penalty for not covering workers (that 8% tax on payroll subsidy business) is less than what it currently costs to carry insurance? If a company currently pays 20 percent of payroll for health ins. doesn’t it make sense for them to drop coverage and pay the 8% penalty instead? And if you have that under $500,000(or whatever it is, that has been changing) payroll level exemption, you have no incentive to offer coverage at all.

    just venting… single payer system and price limits on doctor services and meds or bust.