A Kooky Little Brit Noir Called Noose

09/03/2009 9:32 AM |


A kooky movie (by the director of Beat Girl) with little realism and even less heavy-handedness, Noose demonstrates what most clearly separates postwar British noirs from their American equivalents: 1) the lack of a femme fatale and 2) humor. The heroine is a brassy American doll named Linda, a fashion reporter who has “had enough of the New Look stuff” and wants to instead do some serious investigate reporting on Italian warlord Sugiani after the murder of the never-seen and often-mentioned Millie Sharp. Linda is aided by her English boyfriend Jumbo and his gang of out-of-work yobs (mostly vets) who don football jerseys to save the day. Their vigilante rescue mission is homespun spectacular, as choreographed as a goofy musical and filmed with primitive swish pans and kaleidoscopic effects. The wisecracks sometimes fall flat, and much of the film is spent slinging slang words from either side of the Atlantic until your head spins. (Wait, what is “pussy” cockney rhyming slang for?) but the film is definitely worth seeing, unusual and a fun ride.

Screening one time only tonight at Film Forum’s Brit Noir series.