Asshole Kansas Anti-Semites Coming to Brooklyn to Protest Jews

09/24/2009 2:23 PM |

Anti-Semite child

This is fucking unbelievable. The infamous Westboro Baptist Church, haters of pretty much everything (gays, Jews, soldiers, gay soldiers, gay Jewish soldiers, tofu, gay tofu, three-legged dogs, Alan Thicke, etc.) are coming to New York City to protest… the existence of Jews. Seriously, ten morons from Kansas will be picketing outside Brooklyn Tech High School today, and plan on hitting a bunch of synagogues tomorrow and Saturday (just in time for Yom Kippur, on Monday!).

This is one of those situations where, as a Canadian, I wrestle with the American sacrament of free speech and right to assembly. I really just want a bunch of dudes with truncheons and facemasks to come along and disappear the hateful wingnuts. Or I’ll fucking do it myself.

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  • Can we maybe organize a group of thirty dudes to like, form a circle around them and do like, Night at the Roxbury hump dances, and make kissy face at them on all sides, until they are forced to run away? I mean it’s just ten jerks…

  • I’ll be the one peeing on the kid. It’s ok though. I didn’t know better. I’m Jewish.

  • Where are the Inglourious Basterds when you need them?

  • Johnny Diamond, this is a great article. It deserves an A+.

  • Years ago this douche came to Chicago to protest something about gays. He brings his grandkids and hides behind them so that he isn’t pelted with bricks and bottles. The very definition of a coward. That is what Jesus would have done, hid behind children…..right? Oh wait…

  • Hey you jEWISH sheisster piss on the kid? I’ll rip your shitfilled eyeballs out. Scum of the earth and their asslickers, got together to seek “justice” on this forum against the freedom of speech.
    The famous double standard bastards it is ok for you to speak against everyone, kill children under the pretext that they are throwing rocks on you, nearly for having thrown them out from their homes, taken their most basic human rights, forbade them from getting medical attention, education oh yeah and denied them access to drinkable water and cut their food supply…
    But when a group of people speaks against them OH HO HO a big NO NO lets whistle the anti-Semite horn and set our ass licking DOGs and HOGs at them, thanks gOD there are plenty of them in our Israeli colony the US of Asslickers…
    And since none of you has the intellectual capacity to reply with anything else than barking insults and spitting that oh so absurd label coming out of your retarded guts “moron, bastards”
    L – O – L if you had half an ounce of functional brains you would piss yourselves with laughter at the irony of that!