Bring It On Bringing It on Stage

09/24/2009 10:56 AM |

Bring it On musical

The latest in a series of mega-production announcements is probably the most exciting: beloved (sometimes secretly) high school cheerleading franchise Bring It On is destined to become a stage musical in 2011. Per ArtsBeat, when asked about venues and timetables, Jeff Whitty (who will be writing the book for Bring it On and wrote Avenue Q) explained:

“We’re shooting for a really great regional production and following that with a national tour,” he said. “Because if you start thinking Broadway early, then you freeze up completely in terror.”

In other words, no Broadway plans yet, but it’s an obvious possibility. In the meantime, don’t get your heart set on finding your favorite characters from the movies appearing on stage: the musical will feature completely new schools and squads (although I’m still hoping they sign Rihanna up as a celebrity judge).