Coming Soon (maybe) to Red Hook: You, by Streetcar

09/01/2009 3:49 PM |

streetcar trolley in Red Hook

We mentioned some time ago that city funds had been set aside for a feasibility study to determine whether it would be worth bringing streetcars back to certain waterfront Brooklyn hoods to make them more accessible and pleasant, you know, in a European sort of way. Well, it may turn out to be feasible in Red Hook at least, where Brooklyn Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez has requested $10 million for “design and construction of a light rail system along the Brooklyn waterfront from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn.”

The Brooklyn Eagle reported last week that Velázquez included the sum in her funding request for the Fiscal Year 2010. Doesn’t $10 million seem a little low, though? Will we all have to pile onto the last remaining streetcar in Red Hook (pictured)?

(via Brownstoner)