Damien Hirst and the Tate Modern Will Pay You and Your Identical Twin to be Art

09/11/2009 1:13 PM |

Damien Hirst Twins

London’s Tate Modern museum is mounting an exhibition on Pop and post-Pop art (titled, appropriately, Pop Life), and one of the pieces, a pair of street art-crusher Damien Hirst‘s dot paintings, requires a rotating cast of identical twins. The Tate is willing to pay you and your twin £7.60 per hour (approx $12.66) or £30.40 per four-hour shift (approx $50.67), pending your sufficient verisimilitude, enthusiasm and (if applicable) consent from your parent or guardian.

Incidentally, don’t miss the video of Hirst explaining what the job entails to The Guardian, and then, if you’re not put off by his comment that “Identical twins are kind of like a crazy aberration,” click over to the Tate website to apply. There’s no mention of visa requirements, so presumably American twins could head to London and spend the winter earning a living as art.