Don’t Fuck with Damien Hirst and His Half a Million Dollars Pencils

09/04/2009 1:57 PM |

Cartrain collage

Here’s further proof that Damien Hirst is like the Andy Warhol of today’s soulless art market. The teenage British street artist Cartrain (work pictured) — who got in trouble last year for using an image of Hirst’s billion-dollar diamond-studded skull thing without permission and had some collages confiscated — will likely be fined £500,000 (or $820,000) for stealing a box of pencils as protest to get his artworks back. The Telegraph reports that Cartrain stole the pencils from Hirst’s Pharmacy installation (worth approximately $16 million) from the Tate Britain in July.

Awesomely, the “Wanted” poster that Cartrain designed for the coup reads:

“For the safe return of Damien Hirst’s pencilers I would like my artworks back that DACS and Hirst took off me in November. It’s not a large demand… Hirst has until the end of this month to resolve this or on 31 of July the pencils will be sharpened. He has been warned.”

The young artist is out on bail for another week, but will likely be convicted when he returns to court on the 11th. Somebody better start this kid a charity — or get Damien Hirst a diamond-encrusted heart.

(via ARTINFO, photo credit: unusualimage/Flickr)

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