Hilton Daughter Likes Art! (Bad Art, Which She Doesn’t Pay For)

09/02/2009 1:12 PM |

Alexander Presniakov painting

Mystery Hilton family member Hawley Ann Hilton (b. 1949) recently bought some art from kitschy Russian artist Alexander Presniakov. Or rather, as Reuters recounts, she acquired some pieces from Presniakov that she was expected to pay $10 million for — how, exactly, the artist’s work is worth that much money confuses the hell out of me — but never coughed up the dough and is now being sued by the artist.

Presniakov is a portraitist to the rich and powerful (previous sitters include Ronald Reagan and Princess Diana), though as you’ll note from his painting at right (or those on his website), his stuff is tacky as hell. Still, he regularly sells his wares for upwards of $1 million apiece, which makes me wonder what the pieces he made for Hilton were. Portraits of the whole family? The evolution of the Hilton logo? All the company’s hotels in Hilton’s hometown of Las Vegas? Any personal assistants to the Hilton family feel like giving us the inside scoop?


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  • I don’t understand whose leg is straddling the water jug.

  • I know this creep of an “Artist”, and he is a shyster who goes around and preys on senior citizens to steal their money. He is a total idiot thinking he is much more than he really is. Poor pathetic looser…