Jimmy Carter Speaks Truth About Racist America, Racist America Upset

09/16/2009 12:03 PM |

God bless the old peanut farmer. Jimmy Carter, speaking on the TV in reference to Joe Wilson’s recent outburst, said what a lot of us have been thinking for a while now: a lot of the anger over President Obama’s tenure so far has less to do with the details of his policy than with the fact that he’s black (and nothing gets this country more riled up then when someone says something we’ve all been thinking.) I’m pretty sure this is true. You’re pretty sure this is true. Most of America is pretty sure this is true.

Cue hyperventilating indignation.

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  • This is the most ridiculous idea! Conservatives are outraged at the out of control spending! Conservatives are outraged at the governments attempt to take over private industries (wall street, auto makers, health care)! Conservatives are outraged that the people of this country elected a socialist and are doing nothing as that socialist destroys what has made this country great. Conservatives hated Bush for his TARP bill and would have marched on DC for that too if there was enough time but he left office. Conservatives would have marched on DC to protest all of these policies if Hillary or McCain were in office too. Stop playing the race card every time someone disagrees with you, it really makes you sound unintelligent and ignorant.

  • Josh Ray is a racist.

  • Funny how the guy above me Josh Ray (“unintelligent and ignorant”) who has never or ever experience racism or genocide is not credible to inform a person of color what is not racism.

    Come to terms that the conservatives are exposing their true card no different from 30 to 40 yrs ago with the sons of confederacy (the KLAN hellllooo), christian extremist (the KLAN defines themselves as christian), the shotgun displays in public and protesting by the uneducated (tea party heads that claim Obama is Indonesian), etc..

    You claim:
    “would have marched on DC for that too if there was enough time but he left office. Conservatives would have marched on DC to protest all of these policies if Hillary or McCain were in office too.” … Enough time???!! Bush was in office for 2 terms of 8 years that was enough time and conservatives embraced all the policies and never protested. Stop with the would have and could have..

    Ronald Reagan introduced and allowed illegal immigrants to have medical coverage in the 80s .. (a republican conservative) NOT OBAMA.
    Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton and destroyed the economy NOT OBAMA

    You should love the fact that conservative policy and anti-Obama supporters will never ever come to terms that a man that doesnt look white is The President of the United States: Confederacy policies, Glen Beck, Fox, Limbaugh, Right Wing Extremist, Militias, etc…

    Awesome to have Josh Ray in denial that what Obama is experiencing as the POTUS is normal and has nothing to do with him being a descendant of black blood. Oh wait this “has nothing to do with race”..lol b/c you have to say that means that it does. RIDICULOUS.

  • Enabling chameleons? The state of the Republican party is such that If it

  • It’s easier to follow demagogues like DeMint than do homework. It feels so good to read tracts and Web sites and listen to talk show hosts who tell you you’re right and everyone else is wrong. The fringe is constantly affirmed. The sad part is, the fringe may not be fringe much longer…it appears to be on its way to being mainstream.

  • HI H8ER is an ignorant jackass.

    Self Worth obviously derives his self worth by trying to put others down so he can feel better about himself. You did a great job attacking Rebuplicans (many of which were in office well before I was even around) but you still didn’t refute the fact that Republicans have always stood for limited government and that is the driving force behind the teaparties and town hall protests.

    When I mentioned not enough time to march on Bush I was referring to the TARP plan which myself and every other Republican that I know was against. But that doesn’t really matter to you does it? If I disagree with Obama I’m automatically a racist as HI H8ER pointed out. If I would have disagrees with Hillary I would have automatically been labeled a misogynist. That’s just politics I guess, you don’t have any good ideas or solutions so you try to bring down your opposition. Maybe when people like you wake up and realize that the Democrats are leading us towards socialism you will join in your towns next protest. Or you can choose to stay in your dream world of hope and change and let the Democrats take care of everything for you.