Michael Jackson Art in the Subway?

09/01/2009 11:22 AM |

michael jackson art in the subway

As previously reported, City Council member for Central Brooklyn Letitia James is on an increasingly solitary crusade to make sure everyone passing through the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station in Downtown Brooklyn knows that Michael Jackson and Martin Scorsese shot the music video for “Bad” in those tiled tunnels. The plan to place a plaque in the station (doesn’t seem so outlandish) and have it renamed Hoyt-Schermerhorn-Jackson (slightly excessive) has fallen through.

Now, James is making a more reasonable pitch: Michael Jackson art in the station — which I imagine would look something like the rendering at right. The Post reports that this latest plan probably won’t work out either, as stations only get art after renovations, and that particular stop isn’t due for construction of any type for at least 5 years. Whether it does or not, which piece of MJ art would you like to see on your daily commute? Personally, I could go for Jeff Koons’ gleaming statue of Jackson and Bubbles brightening my mornings.

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