New, Greenwashed Russell Crowe Will Beat You With His Bike

09/08/2009 2:58 PM |

Russell Crowe biking

Used to be, if you dissed Russell Crowe you could expect the celebrity beatdown of a lifetime. Not anymore. After Sydney Daily Telegraph gossip columnist Annette Sharp wrote a piece mocking Crowe’s fast food binge during a recent bike outing with his personal trainer entitled “Smokes and fatty foods the fitness regime for Rusty,” Crowe challenged her to a bike race. They met the next day at dawn for a 12 mile ride around the city, and Crowe reportedly showed her just what kind of biker he is. So congrats, Russell Crowe, for having graduated from teenage fights to pre-adolescent races as a way to express your anger.

You should watch the hilariously awkward and intimidating interactions between the two throughout their race, then help us figure out a New York celebrity cyclist we can insult and challenge to a bike race. Will Arnett? David Byrne?

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