New Kris Allen Single is Far Worse Than All the Other Singles of the Same Name

09/21/2009 10:44 AM |

The internet has graced us with a leak of the new Kris Allen single, “Live Like We’re Dying,” and while it starts out harmlessly enough, with a very obviously Made for Grey’s Anatomy vibe, it goes crazy just over a minute in when he suddenly starts to sound like he’s in 311. It’s terrible, but not particularly surprising.

What does continue to surprise me, though, is the extent to which those working in the realm of mainstream, big money pop music consistently fail to look up from their keyboard for long enough to realize when the songs they’re working on are as unoriginal as this one.

“Live Like We’re Dying” is a song about seizing the day—about never taking anything for granted, and making the most of things while you can. You know, lame shit. It’s not exactly a novel concept, I know, and one could argue it’s a theme worth harping on. But three songs by very popular artists about the exact same thing in the span of a few years? And with the same fucking titles?

Or, basically the same title, anyway. First, Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying,” from 2004.

And then, Lenka’s Live “Like You’re Dying,” from 2008. I know she’s not from America and therefore basically doesn’t seem exist, but she’s famous.

So who wins the battle of the “Live Like You Were/Are Dying”s? It’s a two-way tie for first place, I’ll say, with Allen coming in a distant third.

UPDATE: Who knew? The Kris Allen song is a cover. So, everything I said about Allen now applies to The Script as well.

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  • So how lame does this make Wilco for just blatantly lifting the title of all these songs as the chorus of “War on War”, then?

  • bull … shit, kris allen’s voice sounds amazing in this song and who cares if its a cover? it seems that the only music that dnt get critisized these days are about dropping ur pants or makin good girls go bad n drinkin n screwing n partying so there are 3 songs moderately the same and u go all ape shit about them? wtf? jst cause someone sings about something they believe in u r the biggest fag in the world and obviously hav no idea about real music so f**k you rock on kris allen <3