New York Times Inadvertently Prints a Diaper-Fetish Joke

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09/11/2009 11:57 AM |


On the front page of today’sTimes is a mostly fairly innocuous article about how arch-conservative but scandal-hounded incumbent Louisiana Republican David Vitter appears to be strengthening his reelection campaign by running against the president, who’s very unpopular in the South, obvs (black). Reporter Campbell Robertson mostly paints this as a story about Obama persistent unpopularity among certain demographics, and how it might play out in the midterms; it’s also a good opportunity to remind readers that values-conservative David Vitter admitted, a couple years ago, to having regularly paid to have sex with prostitutes in D.C. (and maybe New Orleans as well).

Talking about how Vitter’s personal life will be an issue, state Dem spokesman Kevin Franck tells the Times that Vitter “should not expect to be pampered by the Louisiana Democratic Party.”

Ha ha, “pampered.”