News Flash: Catholic Church Still Hates Gay People

09/23/2009 10:12 AM |


On the off chance that any of you long-suffering Catholic school lifers out there have been wondering if, in the years since you abandoned the church, it’s grown any less hateful and intellectually retarded, have a look at this, my favorite part of a NY Mag piece on Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

“If you have been gay your whole life and feel that that’s the way God made you, God bless you,” Dolan says. “But I would still say that that doesn’t mean you should act on that. I would happen to say, for instance, that God made me with a pretty short temper. Now, I still think God loves me, but I can’t act on that. I would think that God made me with a particular soft spot in my heart for a martini. Now, I’d better be careful about that.”

So, I ask, is being gay a character flaw?

“Yeah, it would be,” Dolan says—his smile broadening. “And we are all born with certain character flaws, aren’t we?”

Yes, Archbiship Dolan, you’ve got it all figured out. Gay men and women taking part in a loving relationship is exactly like you being an angry drunk.

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  • Your comments just show how un-bias and intelligent you are. Spare a thought for those kids and families involved who suffered through this abuse and many other cases whether by clergy or their own family members, to which you make a mockery or joke out of.

    The title says it all: this piece will be another bias slander on the catholic church and will encourage others to comment in such an ill informed manner.

    Thank you for correcting him tom :)