On the Speech, and How Joe Wilson Being Rude Is Apparently Worse Than Joe Wilson Being a Liar

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09/10/2009 12:25 PM |


Your president’s speech on health insurance last night was, by consensus, a model of clarity in its communication of previously obscure policy (it also, by consensus, broke very little new ground in terms of specific policy, which makes one wonder, a little, about consensus).

We were especially heartened by his productive suggestions for compromise, and his very, very eloquent case for government, a case we’ve been waiting for someone to make ever since Dr. Coburn’s Neighborhood and Ted Kennedy’s death.

And we loved red-faced Congressasshole Joe Wilson (R-The Deep Racist South) most of all.

Joe Wilson, apparently still furious over the outing of his CIA agent wife, publicly and already quite infamously created an equivalence between the Republican Congressional minority and town hall wingnuts, by yelling out “You lie!” (it’s no “J’accuse!”, is it, on the rhetorical front?) when the President said something fairly uncontroversial about his health plan not containing a provision to harvest the kidneys of veterans to give to illegal immigrants, or what the fuck ever.

What is curious, though, is that of the stories on the outburst in the Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal (the Today’s Papers papers), not one address the truthiness of Wilson’s assertion, preferring instead to quiver with excitement over the breach of protocol in the hallowed halls of Congress.

In Journalism, we do not generally publish assertions without making an inquiry of fact, because (as we learned, again, from the death panels), a lie reasserted with enough frequency is just as good as the truth to the vast majority of idiots who hold opinions.

In fact, we learn from Communist news pamphlet TPM, Joe Wilson is a liar, about the President being a liar. There’s nothing in the bill about extending coverage, beyond already extant Hippocratic emergency provisions, to illegal immigrants. Pace Joe Wilson, President Obama hates Mexicans just as much as you, I, and every other real American does. (This is great news!)

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  • “Joe Wilson, apparently still furious over the outing of his CIA agent wife, …”

    Get your facts straight before you tell us what the press does and doesn’t do. You have the wrong Joe Wilson, Twit.

  • Dear Mr. Davis,

    As a great fan of the Rat Pack, you can imagine how crushed I was to read your comment.

    See what I did, there? You have the same name as someone else, someone famous, a fact I glibly pointed out by pretending to conflate you, and this other person, who is of course not you, is in fact the polar opposite of you.

    This vaguely ticklish acknowledgment of coincidental cul-de-sacs is a popular method of padding out at least theoretically humorous blog posts, on the internet, which you have presumably read before today.