Patrick Swayze Lives on in Rap

09/15/2009 2:52 PM |

Patrick Swayze

Despite what you might think, just-deceased actor and dancer Patrick Swayze leaves a pretty substantial legacy behind in hip hop, where his name became a very common expression after the success of Ghost. In rap, to say that you are “ghost” means that you have left — the room, the building, this world, it’s wildly versatile. Appropriately, with the huge popularity of the 1990 film about paranormal pottery, the actor’s name became synonymous for “being ghost”, and so to say that you were Patrick Swayze or simply “Swayze” meant that you had left.

Hip Hop Is Read does a great job of recounting some of the most memorable uses of the term, from rappers actually just name-dropping the actor (like Kool G Rap in “The Symphony Part II“: “Reach for the pistol and you’re crazy/try to blast and I’ll be swinging that ass like Patrick Swayze”) to others using his name as a substitute for leaving, my favorite of which has always been Method Man’s line from “Bring Da Pain“: “I’m sick, insane crazy, Driving Miss Daisy/out her fuckin’ mind now I got mine I’m Swayze.” Biggie also made good use of the expression, but I don’t think it would be appropriate to write what he said here.