Public Art Under Attack (by Other Public Artists?)

09/24/2009 11:30 AM |

LentSpace public art park vandalized

The new public art park on a lot left empty by the recession that I mentioned last week, LentSpace, which opened on Friday, has already been vandalized. Per Curbed, the new sculpture park at Varick and Canal was visited by a dissenting graffiti artist(s) who feels that the art in the park “is not art” (pictured on Graham Hudson’s installation “Canal St. Commons”).

You could (maybe) argue that this isn’t a clear-cut case of vandalism, but rather clever art criticism in the field. Except that it’s a sculpture park, and so the appropriate medium for dissenting (or approving) commentary is evidently sculpture—something like this, or this, for instance. As Curbed says of the art attack: “No alternative was offered, which is often the way with critics.”

(photo credit: Curbed)