Reading Way Too Much into Bloomberg’s Op-Ed Vision of a Parking Utopia

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09/30/2009 11:23 AM |


Hey, did you read Michael Bloomberg’s op-ed in the Daily News this morning, about how he’s going to dedicate his third term to implementing innovations that will make it easier to park your car in New York? You did? Good! You probably read it on the subway this morning, right?

Anyway. It is a terribly uninteresting article, and this is a terribly uninteresting election season, but the Op-Ed is something of a window into what the Bloomberg campaign’s strategy is, other than “inevitability”. It seems that Bloomberg’s pro-bike, pro-pedestrian, anti-car attitude towards the urban environment is alienating the Real Americans who liked him when he was shutting down protestors at the RNC. Between the suddenly European take on Times Square (liberal!) and the purchased third term (fascist!), Bloomberg is at risk of alienating the keep-your-government-hands-off-my-Medicare crowd.

Ok, mostly I’m just getting this from one of the (very few) comments on the Daily News website. Take it, “NYC.Historian”:

If this *sshole would just be honest and tell us that he wants a completely car-free (excluding taxis) Manhattan I could sympathize. But all he has done is create more havoc with these ridiculous traffic lanes, bus lanes, street closures, traffic cops who, instead of actually directing traffic, just sit and wait to hand out summonses. Now he wants to help drivers? I cannot understand how NYers don’t see through this POS. How can he be leading in the pols? Mayor Massachusetts, AKA Michael Bloomberg is a criminal, and should be removed from office—forcibly if necessary.

Angry liberals threaten to move to Canada (or Scandinavia); angry conservatives threaten coups.

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  • Once upon a time an even smaller than usual hobbit from Bostonia made his way to his new city, New York. In no time his fate kicked in and he became the richest among the little people. His riches and all they bought quickly bored him, so he sought his thrills elsewhere, and bought himself the Lordship position in his new land.
    Secretly he viewed all his new city subjects with disdain. Compared to the people of his beloved Bostonia they were loud, smoked, drank libations in the parks, and generally told the truth. They cheered in coliseums for what he thought were the wrong teams as they were not from Bostonia. People, simply put, had fun, in fact BM {BM despite what you may think means, Before Mike}; this new land was known to the masses of the world as