T-Pain and Jay-Z Feud, Sort Of, T-Pain Wins, Kinda

09/08/2009 5:09 PM |

Jay-Z and T-Pain

T-Pain and Jay-Z (of the iPhone Auto-Tune application and the song “Death of Auto-Tune”, respectively), exchanged some choice words over the weekend regarding the divisive voice-correction technology, the viability of each other’s careers and who or what should be dead or not. Fabolous, of all people, live-tweeted T-Pain’s DJ set during a show in Las Vegas, informing the world that “Yo I’m at Rehab in Vegas.. T-Pain is DJ’ing.. Sayin Fuck Jay Z, he old, blah blah.. guess its backlash from D.O.A..” Later the video evidence emerged, with T-Pain saying “Jay-Z is 59 years old. I don’t think he has a right to say what’s good and what’s not. If anything is dead, it should be him.” Pretty dangerous stuff to be saying about the president of rap the weekend before one of his biggest releases, right?

Not if you go by Jay’s response. In an otherwise silly interview on The Ed Lover Show, he explains: “I made it very clear I wasn’t talking about him. I think he’s talented, I don’t think he need Auto-Tune to sell records but if that’s his prerogative. ‘D.O.A.’ was just for the conversation.” So, Jay-Z basically let T-Pain tell him he should be dead. Other interesting tidbits from the interview: the book Jay read most recently is The Odyssey, and he prefers Off the Wall to Thriller. No word on T-Pain’s favorite Michael Jackson record yet (maybe he could sing it to you with his new iPhone app).

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